5 Reliable Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

Did you know that it is possible to earn free Bitcoins without much effort? This is most reassuring for people who want to buy Bitcoins for investment purposes but do not have enough cash reserves to fulfill their wishes. They can use any of the methods discusses below to get free Bitcoins. Whether it is by becoming an affiliate marketer, playing games online, or shopping on websites, you can choose any of these ways to get your free Bitcoins:

  1. Shop online: Invention of automated trading apps like immediate edge software has considerably increased the bitcoin trade. The easiest way perhaps to get free Bitcoins is to start shopping on sites using Bitcoin cash-back services such as Lolli. So, every time you buy some product from any of Lolli’s merchant partners you will get rewarded with Bitcoins. Some of these merchant partners are renowned brands like Macy’s, Best Buy, Marriott, etc. To get started you simply have to download Lolli browser extension and whenever you go to a retail store, this browser extension is going to alert you about the cash-back provision. When your purchase has been confirmed by both the merchant and Lolli crypto rewards get added to your wallet. A similar service is offered by Pei, which is a mobile app allowing you to shop for Bitcoin rewards through your smartphones. Its notable partners are Burger Kind, 7-Eleven, Nordstrom, Taco Bell, etc that you may already be visiting.
  2. Crypto mining: This is another option that will surely fetch you more Bitcoins. Mining is needed for the blockchain to operate and miners must use specialized computers to solve complex cryptographic puzzles in order to verify transactions between parties. When miners can solve a puzzle successfully they are rewarded with Bitcoins. Earlier, mining could be done on computers fitted with GPUs but now you need ASIC miners for the job. The more powerful the miners used, the higher are the number of Bitcoins you can earn.
  3. Start a crypto lending account: When you own some Bitcoins you can always lend it to people who want it. Many investors find that holding onto their Bitcoins for the long term is not proving to be very lucrative. You can use your crypto coins to earn for you free of cost. You store this in a BlockFi Interest Account for instance, and enjoy almost 8% annual interest. There is no minimum amount for earning interest and the account will be accessible to investors almost everywhere, expect in places where they cannot legally operate.
  4. Take surveys: Did you know you could get paid in Bitcoins for taking online surveys? You will come across many companies that are engaged in market research and they are willing to pay you in Bitcoins for doing this work for them. You are free to select the surveys you wish to do. You can also get paid in Bitcoins for watching certain videos or playing some games online.
  5. Affiliate marketing: This is an excellent way to earn free Bitcoins. When you have a substantial online following, you can get more money by directing your followers and friends to engage in business with some companies who will in return pay you for getting more customers for them. Your followers will simply have to click on links that you provide them with; these are given to you by retailers when you join their referral programs. For example, Coinbase offers one such referral program and when any of your followers buys or sells Bitcoins of a certain amount, you get rewarded in Bitcoins. Check out the new Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, which helps you to multiply your bitcoins faster.